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Recent Changes that Affect Your Immigration Case

At Bilbao Law, we stay up to date on the many changes of rules and regulations in the immigration system. Here is a list of recent changes that may impact your case:

  1. Fees to apply for immigration benefits will increase on October 2, 2020. If you are eligible to apply now, you should do so before the fees increase.

  2. Immigration courts all over the country remain partially closed. Call 1-800-898-7180 to find out if your court hearing has been postponed.

  3. Immigration offices (USCIS) all over the country have reopened and are resuming appointments for biometrics, interviews and citizenship ceremonies. You will receive new notices in the mail for your next appointment. Make sure you wear a mask to your appointment.

  4. The Public Charge Rule will not be implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are eligible for a family based petition or a Green Card, you should apply right away.

  5. USCIS is not accepting new DACA applications and will only renew existing applications for one year. If you need to renew your application, you should not delay. If you have DACA and are married to a US citizen or a legal permanent resident, you are eligible for a Green Card and should apply right away.

  6. Additional restrictions on Employment Authorizations for Asylum applicants will go into effect this month. Consult with your attorney to see how your case will be impacted.

  7. USCIS is experiencing delays in issuing receipts and notices. You can call USCIS for more information about your case at 1(800)375-5283.

The immigration world is ever changing and complex. That’s why at Bilbao Law, we focus on helping you navigate the system, so you can focus on building your American Dream.

Call us at (904) 300-0825 to schedule your consultation today with attorney Vilerka Bilbao.

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